Been to an RFHG Conference before?

If you have previously attended an RFHG conference, and are interested in joining us in 2023, you can now request access to early registration for a place next year.

Simply fill out the form below, we’ll double check that you are eligible for early access, and then we’ll send you the registration form as soon as we can!

Please note early registration is only open for those subscribed to our mailing list, or who have previously attended a conference. Full registration will open on 1st October 2022.

Registration is now open for everyone. Please visit to find out more on how to register.

2 thoughts on “Been to an RFHG Conference before?”

  1. As I am on your mailing list plse confirm I am eligible to register for your conference 10/11 June 2023. As I have to book flights from Nice to Liverpool I need to know I have a place before I book flights! TIA
    Paul V Hayball

  2. Hi Paul, yes those on our mailing list are eligible to register for our conference and should have received an email with details. If you haven’t please get in touch so we can look into this for you.

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