Previous Speakers

Previous Speakers

  • – Dr Bernice Archer, author of Patchwork of Internment
  • – Tony Banham, founder of the Hong Kong War Diary website
  • – Rod Beattie, Director of the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre
  • – Alan Bowgen, National Archives
  • – Capt George Duffy, ex-US Merchant Marine, FEPOW
  • – Professor Sears Eldredge, Civilian Internee & FEPOW Concert Parties,
  • – Dr. Kent Fedorowich, University of West England
  • – Peter Francis, Commonwealth War Graves Commission
  • – Dr Geoff Gill, Professor of International Medicine, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  • – Dr Rob Havers, executive Director, US Churchill Memorial, Fulton, Missouri USA
  • – Mr Jeyathurai A. (Jeya), Director of the Changi Museum, Singapore
  • – Roger Mansell, Director US Center for Research, Allied POWS Under the Japanese
  • – Geoffrey Monument, FEPOW
  • – Maurice Naylor, FEPOW
  • – Fred Seiker, FEPOW
  • – Roderick Suddaby, Imperial War Museum
  • – Dr Nigel Stanley, medical aspects relating to FEPOW and civilian internees
  • – Julie Summers, author of The Colonel of Tamarkan, Brigadier Philip Toosey
  • – David Tett, FEPOW mail and postal history
  • – Peter Thompson – author of The Battle for Singapore

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Remembering captivity across Southeast Asia and the Far East during the Second World War

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