Liverpool RAPWI Ships

FEPOW Repatriation Ships as they arrived

October 1945 Embarked:

Repatriation Memorial, Pier Head, Liverpool
Repatriation Memorial, Pier Head, Liverpool

Monowai 8 Singapore
Tegelberg 9 Singapore
Empire Pride 12 Rangoon
Boissevain 12 Rangoon
Mooltan 14 Singapore
Nieuw Holland 15 Singapore
Worcestershire 16 Rangoon
Orduna 19 Rangoon
Britannic 21 Singapore
Sobieski 23 Singapore
Georgic 25 Singapore
Antenor 27 Singapore
Empress of Australia 27 Hong Kong
Cilicia 29 Singapore

Felix Roussel 5 Rangoon
Empress of Scotland 8 Bombay
Orbita 9 Rangoon
Duchess of Richmond 15 Singapore
Somersetshire 21 Bombay
Duchess of Bedford 23 Bombay
Mauretania 25 Bombay

Oxfordshire 5 Hong Kong

5 thoughts on “Liverpool RAPWI Ships”

  1. My Grandfather was listed as missing in Malaya in 1942 then pow in 1943 and in 1946 as no longer pow. We have no knowledge of his whereabouts post war. His name– Alexander Lyle Stewart -Royal Artillery and is listed as W/Ld. He would have been in his early fifties I believe. Does anyone have any memories of him or know what happened to ex pows post war when they were repatriated?

  2. Was there some form of convalescence programme for returning pows? Would they have been retained or de-mobbed?

  3. The ship my dad arrived back on, the SS Atlantis is not mentioned here. It arrived 16th December 1945.

  4. Julia Pucci, My father was retained in the Army – to finish his service, into 1946. Then he was demobbed in the May. If this helps. He was RASC, based at Hounslow for the last part.

  5. My Dad an Argyll returned to Portsmouth on Queen Elizabeth (last section of journey from Japan) 5th November 45.
    He was given 6 weeks leave then returned to Stirling Castle, HQ for A&SH.
    To finnish his 10yrs term of service. Retained as reserve until 1956.

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