source list for ‘Rice and Shine’: British Pre-War Concert Parties

Note that all the documents in this series of blogs reside in Sears A. Eldredge Archive in the De Witt Wallace Library at Macalester College, 1600 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55105

Allison, Laurie. Correspondence (Letters, emails, etc.).

Anckorn, Fergus. Correspondence (Letters, emails, etc.).

Anckorn, Fergus. Interview. Westerham, Kent. England. 6 January 2001.

East, Denis. Interview. Finsbury Park, London, England 13 January 2001.

Thomas, Oliver. Correspondence (Letters, emails, etc.).

Thorpe, Leofric. Correspondence (Letters, etc.).

Thorpe, Leofric. “Stand East” Official Report.

Wade, Tom Heling. Prisoner of the Japanese: From Changi to Tokyo. Kenthurst: Kangaroo Press Pty., Ltd., 1994.

Walker, Jimmy. Of Rice and Men: The Only True War Story with a Surprise Ending, the Formation of the Philosophies of One Man from 3rd September 1939 to 3rd September 1992. Stockport: Arthur Lane Books, Ltd., 1997.

Walker, Jimmy. Correspondence (Letters, emails, etc.)

Remembering captivity across Southeast Asia and the Far East during the Second World War

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