Southampton RAPWI Ships

Repatriation Ships – 1945 – Southampton.

Repatriation Memorial, Southampton
Repatriation Memorial, Southampton

Corfu 7th October from Rangoon and 11th December
Almanzora 17th October from Singapore
Queen Elizabeth 18th October from New York & 5th November from Halifax Nova Scotia & 27th November from Halifax Nova Scotia
Indrapoera 18th October from Rangoon
Maloja 22nd October from Colombo
Ormonde 22nd October from Rangoon
Orion 22nd October from Bombay
Chitral 28th October from Rangoon
Ile de France 31st October from Halifax Nova Scotia
Highland Monarch 9th November from Hong Kong & 9th December from Shanghai
Athlone Castle 11th November
Dominion Monarch 14th November from Bombay
Queen Mary 18th November from New York
Principessa Giovanna 18th November from Bombay
Durban Castle 28th November from Port Said
Alcantara 9th December
Orontes 11th or 12th December
Arawa 13th December
Pasteur 17th December from Saigon & Bombay
Canton 20th December from Bombay
Llangibby Castle 29th December from Rangoon
Strathaird 30th December from India


See a Pathe news item: Troopship CORFU pulling into Southampton harbour 7th October 1945 bringing former Japanese prisoners home from Rangoon. Includes interviews with RAF Corporal Percy Thoms and others.

HMS Corfu at Southampton 1945

4 thoughts on “Southampton RAPWI Ships”

  1. Thank you for this information. Were there passenger lists for any of these ships, especially the Corfu?

  2. My father was among RCAF members returning sometime soon after VE day. He travelled from Liverpool to Halifax. I sure would like to know the name of the ship and/or the dates, but strangely enough in these modern times, remarkably little of that history is available. Any help is deeply appreciated.

  3. you missed out the RANCHI which arrived in Southampton on 24 November 1945 bringing my father from internment. in Sumatra.

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