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On This Day

3rd September 1945

  • In the Philippines, General Tomoyuki Yamashita formally surrenders all remaining Japanese forces to General Wainwright at Baguio. This is a reversal of when General Wainwright had been forced to surrender his forces to General Yamashita in 1942.
Surrender of Japanese forces in the Philippines

On This Day

2nd September 1945

  • The ‘Japanese Instrument of Surrender’ is signed aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo bay as part of the official Japanese Surrender ceremony.
  • President Truman declares VJ Day; the Second World War officially ends after six years and one day.
  • Ho Chi Minh declares independence from France and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam is established.

On This Day

30th August 1945

  • Hong Kong is reoccupied by the United Kingdom after a British battle squadron led by HMS Indomitable arrives.
  • General MacArthur lands in Japan and sets up a temporary headquarters in Yokohama.