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On This Day

3rd September 1945

  • In the Philippines, General Tomoyuki Yamashita formally surrenders all remaining Japanese forces to General Wainwright at Baguio. This is a reversal of when General Wainwright had been forced to surrender his forces to General Yamashita in 1942.
Surrender of Japanese forces in the Philippines

On This Day

15th August 1945

  • “Jewel Voice Broadcast” (Gyokuon-Hōsō) is aired in Japan at noon officially announcing Japanese Surrender, many are unable to accept the news due to censorship having hidden Japan’s decreasing odds in the months prior.
  • VJ celebrations break out in Allied Countries (in America this takes place on 14th August due to time differences)
  • Philippines Campaign comes to an end, resulting in an Allied Victory
  • Chinese Civil War: Battle of Baoying begins
  • British government unveils RADAR as one of their biggest secrets of the war.