The Team

RFHG is made up of a small team of academic and family researchers who have a passion for sharing, remembering – and learning from – stories of Far Eastern captivity during the Second World War. We are:

Dr Bernice Archer; Keith Andrews; Professor Geoff Gill; Meg Parkes, MPhil; Mike Parkes; Martin Percival; Michiel Schwartzenberg; Emily Sharp

Between us, we have published on a range of topics and undertaken various engagement projects in relation to histories of captivity across Southeast Asia. A selection of these are listed below.


Archer, Bernice. The Internment of Western Civilians Under the Japanese 1941 – 1945. Hong Kong University Press, 2008.

Parkes, Meg, Gill, Geoff. Captive Memories. Palatine Books, 2015.

Gill, Geoff, Parkes, Meg. Burma Railway Medicine. Palatine Books, 2017.

Parkes, Meg, Gill, Geoff, Wood, Jenny. Captive Artists. Palatine Books 2019

Parkes, Meg. Notify Alec Rattray. Kranji Publications, 2002.

Parkes, Meg. AA Duncan is OK. Kranji Publications, 2003.


Captive Memories (Geoff Gill and Meg Parkes)

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Remembering captivity across Southeast Asia and the Far East during the Second World War

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