Meet Keith

Keith Andrews


My name is Keith Andrews and I live in Leicestershire.

I have been going to The National Archives at Kew since the year 2000, normally on a Saturday .

How did you become interested in FEPOW history?

I had been researching my Father who was a FEPOW since 2000, and attended the first conference in 2006.

I was asked along with Martin Percival to give a very brief talk on documents that were in The National Archives at that time.

We were both asked to join the team.

My late Father was with the Coast Gun Regiments on Singapore and Penang, and also on the Thai-Burma Railway, so I tend to concentrate there if I can.

Work outside RFHG

I try to help most people with their own research the best I can. If I am unable to help I will let them know.

Membership external groups / organisations

I belong to the following groups: COFEPOW, Java 42 Club, MVG, NFFWRA, Birmingham FEPOW Club.

Remembering captivity across Southeast Asia and the Far East during the Second World War

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