Meet Martin

Martin Percival

Martin first met Meg Parkes in London at a FEPOW event in 2005. Since then he has been involved as part of the organising team for the Researching FEPOW History events as well as managing the groups Facebook page. His main interests of research are the Thai Burma Railway plus the newsletters and magazines that the local FEPOW groups starting producing as early as 1947.

How did you become interested in FEPOW history?

Martin’s father, Frank Percival, was captured at Singapore in 1942. Unusually for many men of his generation he did talk to Martin and his brother David about his experiences in WW2. Martin was interviewed by Julie Summers for her book ‘Stranger in the House’. After reading the book he realised that his father’s story was a relatively unusual one and Martin then started to seriously research his father’s war time experiences.

Work outside RFHG

Martin has worked as an HR Director for the past 20 plus years in the UK, Netherlands and Germany and lives in Fareham, Hampshire.

Published works

None so far. Martin’s father’s war time story was published in a local London area newspaper in November 1945 – barely 2 weeks after his return from the Far East. It’s one of the very earliest published accounts. This is the story:  

A previously unpublished account of the Fall of Singapore, also written by Martin’s father can be read on the RFHG site here.

Remembering captivity across Southeast Asia and the Far East during the Second World War

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